What's new

2021/05/18 New placeholder confirmation email

The placeholder CODENRDAY can be used to generate a numeric random code (6 characters) per calendar and per day. The placeholder CODENRDAYGLOBAL generates a random code across all calendars. You can use this to automatically generate access codes for rooms, for example.

2021/05/12 Working hours pick-up / return times

With the calendars where a working time of 24/7 is stored, it is now possible to set pick-up / return times.

2021/05/07 Means of transport Travel time calculation

The means of transport (car, bike, walking, public transport) can now be selected to calculate the travel times between appointments.

2021/05/04 Salesforce

interface With the interface to Salesforce, the relevant contact details (first name, last name, email, etc.) are transferred to Salesforce every time an appointment is booked. This data can then be further processed in Salesforce as required.

2021/04/21 New language booking page

Croatian can now be selected as the language for the booking page.

2021/04/15 New payment provider epay21

epay21 is a platform for ePayment in public administration. You can activate this payment provider under "Booking page> Online payment".

2021/04/06 Interface video consultation

Under "API Interfaces> Integrations" you can activate the interface to the provider eS office hour. The interface meets the requirements of the KBV certified video consultation for your practice.

2021/03/31 Printing of all appointment entries for a day

Under "Reports> Dashboard" you can print all appointments for a day at once in the day view.

2021/03/25 Daily view dashboard

The day view in the dashboard has been expanded so that you can easily switch back and forth between individual days.

2021/03/24 date export

Under "Reports> Export appointments" you can now specify the calendar whose appointments you want to export.

2021/03/22 Services

Under "Company> Services" you can specify under the advanced settings (appointment booking type) whether or not an appointment can be booked for a service. In this way, you can enable appointment bookings based on services (eg "Are you over 65 years old") or not.

2021/03/19 absences

You can define absences per calendar under "Reports> Dashboard".

2021/03/15 Limit the number of appointment bookings per person

Under "Booking page> Settings> General> Advanced settings" you can now also set the number of appointment bookings per person per week. You can also determine whether the limit is calculated based on the email address or telephone number.

2021/03/10 Show contact fields according to the selected number of people

Under "Booking page> Contact data fields> Field> Advanced settings> Dynamically mandatory fields" you can now specify for each field whether a field is mandatory and displayed when the appointment booker has selected a certain number of people. This makes it possible, for example, to query the contact details of accompanying persons.

2021/03/06 Show open appointments (Click & Meet)

Under "Booking page> Settings> General> Show open appointments", you can specify whether or not open appointments should be displayed. If this option is activated, appointments that have already started are displayed. The option makes sense, for example, if you offer Click & Meet appointments. Example: Customer is at the door at 11:02 am. If the option is active, an appointment will be displayed at 11:00 otherwise only at 11:30.

2021/03/03 Appointment search in the dashboard

Under "Reports> Dashboard" you can now search for appointments (name, email, telephone number or booking reference)